European Geoscience Union General Assembly

In April 2024, S. Merkel will attend the European Geoscience Union General Assembly in Vienna.

On Tuesday 16 Apr, 10:45–12:30, he will co-chair the PICO session on Earth's and planetary cores: structure, dynamics and evolution, along with  Jerome Noir from ETH Zürich, Daria Holdenried-Chernoff from UC Berkeley, and Jessica Irving from the University of Bristol. At this occasion, he will have a presentation on New facilities for high pressure / high temperature experiments on iron alloys at planetary core conditions on the European XFEL, co-authored with Hélène Ginestet and the EuXFEL 3063 and 2740 community proposals.

The session abstract is repeated below

Understanding the structures and dynamics of the core of a planet is essential to constructing a global geochemical and geodynamical model, and has implication on the planet's thermal, compositional and orbital evolution.

Remote sensing of planetary interiors from space and ground based observations is entering a new era with perspectives in constraining their core structures and dynamics. Meanwhile, increasingly accurate seismic data provide unprecedented images of the Earth's deep interior. Unraveling planetary cores' structures and dynamics requires a synergy between many fields of expertise, such as mineral physics, geochemistry, seismology, fluid mechanics or geomagnetism.

This session welcomes contributions from all the aforementioned disciplines following theoretical, numerical, observational or experimental approaches.