Lille High Pressure Laboratory

The Lille High Pressure Laboratory is located in the building of the Institut Chevreul, on the Cité Scientifique campus of the Université de Lille. The laboratory holds a range of instruments for the synthesis and the caracterisation of centimeter-size materials up to 2 GPa and 2200°C, millimeter size samples up to 20 GPa and 2200°C, and sub-millimeter-size at pressures over 200 GPa and lies at the core of the HotCores project.

The instruments of the high pressure laboratory include

  • a piston-cylinder press for pressures up to  2.2 GPa and temperatures of 2200°C,
  • a ropec device for torsion deformation experiments at high pressure and high temperature,
  • a multi-anvil press to reach pressures on the order of 20 GPa and temperatures of 2200°C,
  • diamond anvil cells for pressures above 200 GPa,

and dedicated laboratory spaces

  • large volume experiments preparation room,
  • diamond anvil cell preparation room,
  • lasers and spectroscopy room.


Electron Microscopy Platform (PMEL)

The Electron Microscopy Platform (PMEL) is the electron microscopy facility of the University of Lille, hosted by the Institut Michel-Eugène Chevreul (CNRS FR2638) and UMET (Unité Matériaux Et Transformations, CNRS UMR8207).

It is equipped with two transmission electron microscopes (FEI Titan Themis 60-300kV and FEI Tecnai 200 kV), three scanning electron microscopes (Jeol low-pressure SEM, HITACHI SU 5000 analytical SEM working at variable pressure, and Hitachi tabletop SEM) and an electron probe microanalyser (EPMA, CAMECA SX 100). Sample preparation equipment is also available, including (cryo)ultra-microtomy, a semi-automatic mechanical polishing system and  several generations precision ion milling machines.