Sample preparation for the EuXFEL

April 2024. We are getting ready for experiment at the European X-ray free-electron laser !

The European XFEL is 3.4 km long underground tunnel that generates extremely intense X-ray flashes of about 100 fs (1 fs = 10-15 s). These pulses are organized in trains of to up to 2700 pulses, with a maximum repetition rate of 4.514 MHz, i.e. one pulse every 220 ns (1 ns 10-9 s). In HotCores, we use the European XFEL to probe iron and iron alloys at extreme conditions. We rely on the extreme repetition rate and intensity of the EuXFEL X-ray pulses to heat and probe the crystal structure of our alloys to conditions relevant to planetary cores.

April and May 2024 are busy, with 2 campaigns at the HED instrument. These campaigns rely on intense manpower for sample preparation, conducting experiments, and data processing and are hence organized around international consortia of 10 to 20 research groups. We have been working on those for the last two months. Let's hope for success after all this work!